Welcome to SocialDistanceTape.com! We’re glad you dropped in and hope we can be of help for you during these challenging times. Our pre-marked Gaff tape, known as “Guidelines”, is a premium product for social distance marking. Easy to tear, easy to see, and it comes up clean….pre-marked every 12” to clearly delineate a safe distance from your neighbor. Custom printing and bulk pricing is available. Please email us here if you have any questions: info@socialdistancetape.com Thanks again for stopping in – stay safe!

Easy To Remove!

Hi-vis Colors

No Mess!

Pro Gaff® Guidelines Cloth Tape

Pro Gaff® Cloth Tape

Pro 4000 6″x10″ Peel Away Adhesive Signs

Pro Gaff® 6″x10″ Fluorescent Signs Printed Black

Dynatomy Face Shields

The CDC and federal government have instituted Social Distancing Guidelines in order for people to maintain safe physical distances from one another while shopping and gathering in public spaces.  This presents a challenge for retailers and store owners who need to find a solution that will maximize floor space and foot traffic while keeping their customers at a safe distance from one another.  “Guidelines” is the IDEAL solution for this purpose!  Guidelines is a Gaffer tape that is cost effective and easy to deploy, while also being highly visible and extremely durable. 


  • WILL NOT HARM YOUR FLOOR – Pro Gaff tape will not leave a sticky residue when removed. It comes up clean!
  • Available in 5 highly visible Fluorescent colors.
  • Tears very easily by hand (no need for knives or scissors)
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Can write on it with marker or pen

Compare to Vinyl Tapes

  • Unable to tear by hand (requires knife or scissors)
  • Leaves a sticky residue
  • Difficult to remove
  • Easy to scuff
  • Limited Colors

About our company: Our principal business is AVLX – Audio, Video, Lighting, Excellence! We are an AV Integrator and retail provider of production supplies and musical equipment. We are a small business located in the Franklin, TN area. Our business has been severely impacted by Covid-19, as many other industries are. Our objective in creating this website is to provide necessary products to assist the country in this time of crisis while attempting to replace lost revenue and keep our employees on staff. Thank you for considering us for your social distance tape needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something specific you’re looking for! 

About Gaff Tape: Gaffer Tape has been the industry standard for broadcast, concert production, and film for decades! As mentioned above, it tears easily, won’t hurt your floors, is easy to see, and can be clearly labeled in ink or marker. It is an ideal product for marking floors and maintaining safe distances in lines.